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The experienced professionals at I/NET Services will help you successfully implement your Healthcare IT projects, to achieve exceptional clinical and operational efficiencies. We will drive to improve your clinical performance by providing professional services that integrate information technology and workflow processes. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to make your IT project successful.

Conversational Services

I/NET is a leading developer of conversational interface technology, which uses everyday spoken language to control computers and other electronic devices and systems. Unlike voice recognition systems that simply substitute sound for typed commands, a conversational interface provides a technological means for natural, intuitive dialogue between people and computing systems. Potential applications range from heavy industry to space missions to automotive telematics.

I/NET has assembled a team of leading scientists and software engineers to develop this technology. This team has worked with organizations such as NASA, where they developed conversational interfaces and intelligent control systems for robotic systems, and the Federal Government's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where they designed and developed autonomous navigation software for the Mars Rover prototype.


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