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Webulator/400 Version 1.0 PTFs


Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs) for Webulator/400 v1.0

General information about Program Temporary Fixes can be found at the links below:

The WBL100001 PTF

The WBL100001 PTF fixes the following problems:

  1. Cannot exit from a popup window with no input fields.
  2. Input fields on underlying screen were conflicting with popup windows.
  3. Bypass input fields were not being returned in response to the Read Input request.
  4. Subfiles were not being shown properly after a page up or page down. The resulting screen would either have blanks instead of output fields or the Webulator/400 Request Processor program would trap.
  5. Not all multi column menu items were being converted to buttons.
  6. First column of first line was off by one space.
  7. Initial values for textarea input fields do not have any CR/LFs.
  8. Mandatory fill fields were reporting a keying error even when no data was typed into the field.
  9. Trying to open a header or footer with a code page of 0 would result in a unreported error.
  10. Initial values for bypass input fields were being disregarded.
  11. User would be presented with a signon screen if an invalid password was received through User Authenication or Auto Signon.

Special Notes:

This PTF contains a service program (WWWVAUTSRV) that adopts QSYS authority to be able to function properly. You may change this service program to no longer adopt authority if you do the following:

  1. Give the WWWUSER user profile *USE authority to the following programs:
  2. Change the owner of the WWWVAUTSRV service program to WWWUSER by using the following AS/400 command:
Prerequisites: you must install the following PTFs before installing WBL100001:
  • PTFINST - The PTF installation program
  • WWW120003 - Updated message file for Web Server/400

Verbose Description and

The WBL100002 PTF

The WBL100002 PTF fixes the following problem(s):

  1. Signed Numeric Fields were not being properly formatted in the return buffer.
  2. Clears Input Field definitions upon receiving Start Of Header command in the 5250 data stream.
  3. Corrects early termination of parsing loop upon receiving a Write Error Code command in the 5250 data stream. This may cause Webulator/400 screen to be out of sync from the AS/400 screen.
Special Notes:

This PTF has not been approved for general distribution by I/NET.

Prerequisites: you must install WBL100001, the miscellaneous Webulator fix package, before installing WBL100002.
Verbose Description and


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