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Web Server/400 and Network Stations


Administering Network Stations using I/NET's Servers

IBM Network Station administration can now be done using I/NET's Commerce Server/400 or Web Server/400 product. This means that you are no longer required to run IBM's IC/400 product to configure Network Stations. This also enables you to further secure who can perform Network Station administration by using the IP filtering, host filtering and/or user authentication features of our servers. You can also use the SSL capability of Commerce Server/400 when configuring Network Stations for even more security.

Network Station administration support has been added through a PTF (WWW130011) that is available for Commerce Server/400 and Web Server/400 version 1.3 customers. The PTF text file contains information on downloading the PTF and the configuration changes needed to run the Network Station administration CGI programs once the PTF is installed. Please contact I/NET Support if additional information is required.


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