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Web Server/400 Hit Counter


Hit Counter Utility for Web Server/400

The HITCOUNT utility for Web Server/400 is not a correction for any errors; rather, it is a completely optional enhancement that would allow users of your site to see how many times each page has been accessed.

Once you have downloaded and installed the HITCOUNT.savf file, according to the general downloading instructions and/or the HITCOUNT specific instructions, Create a server-side include page named something like homepage.sht or homepage.shtml. Include your normal content, plus the following server-side include:

   <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/hitcount?i,HOMEPAGE"-->

NOTE: By default, the alias '/cgi-bin/' maps to the script library WWWCGI. You can change this if necessary.

The query string ("?i,HOMEPAGE") indicates what type of counter to use and the page identifier. The "i" means use images to represent the count. A "t" indicates use text. The "HOMEPAGE" part is the page identifier. This is case sensitive. Both values must be there.

For example, the file homepage.sht might contain:

  <TITLE> Hit Count Sample Page</TITLE> 

  <H1> Hit Count Sample</H1> 

  This page has been accessed
  <!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/hitcount?i,HITCNT"--> 
  times. <P> 


To see the hit counter at work, access the URL Substitute your real host name and HTML page.

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