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Upgrade your inet/400 products


If you have maintained extended support without interruption since the purchase of an I/NET product, you are entitled to free upgrades of the product you have licensed. You may complete the form below and I/NET will provide you with the upgraded version.

Note: When upgrading more than one product, you may need to make multiple requests.

If you have not maintained extended product support, do not use this form. You are required to pay the upgrade price. Click here to view I/NET's Product Price List. Please indicate in a letter to I/NET the product(s) you have licensed and the serial number of the machine on which it resides and send a check with that letter payable to:

6840 Eagle Ridge Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33813 USA.
memo = upgrade

Upgrade Request Form


This form must be completed accurately. After review of the information provided, I/NET will email the key to you. Accuracy will assist in a quick turnaround.

Product Information:

Please indicate CURRENT product(s) you have licensed:

Web Server/400 1.3
Commerce Server/400 1.0
      SSL Type:
      128 bit - US and Canada
      128 bit - authorized company according to export license
      40 bit - All other countries
Webulator/400 2.0 (Standalone)
Net Print/400 1.0.0

Webulator/400 1.1 (with WS/400 or CS/400)
Merchant/400 (with CS/400)

AS/400 Serial #:

End User Information:

Street Address:
Address 2:
Zip / Postal Code:
Customer Contact:

Questions or comments.



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