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inet/400 Activation Key Types


This page allows you to request activation keys for the following purposes:

This key type is used for evaluation, testing and non-production purposes. The key will activate an I/NET product for thirty days.

This key is granted when moving an I/NET product from one machine to another. In addition to submitting this form, you are required to send a letter stating you will remove our software from the originally licensed machine to:

6840 Eagle Ridge Blvd.
Lakeland, FL 33813 USA.

If you have extended support, this option is free. If you do not have extended support, this option will be $200 USD. Please send a check payable to I/NET with your letter or, to expedite the process, scan and email the letter to

If you have maintained extended support without interruption since the purchase of an I/NET product, you are entitled to free upgrades of the product. If you do not have extended product support, you are required to pay the Retail Price of the upgraded version less the Retail Price of the version you have licensed. Click here to view I/NET's Product Price List.


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