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inet/400 Extended Product Support


I/NET offers extended product support and product upgrades as additional benefits to our clients. Extended support packages are available at any time to all licensed users of I/NET products. Product upgrades are available at no cost to clients who have maintained an uninterrupted extended support program since their purchase of an I/NET product. Support hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time except national holidays.


You may purchase extended support for $750 per year which entitles you to:

  • Extended Support - Initial support, at no charge, begins when the permanent activation key is issued and ends 30 days thereafter. Extended support extends product support for 12 additional months from the date of purchase (13 months if acquired with original purchase of the product) or after 10 hours of support is received, whichever occurs first.
  • Upgraded Versions - Upgrades to any I/NET product(s) you have purchased and installed are available for no additional charge to clients who purchased extended support with the original purchase of our product(s) and have continued extended support without interruption. If you do not have extended product support, you are required to pay the Retail Price of the upgraded version less the Retail Price of the version you have licensed. Click here to view I/NET's Product Price List.
  • Additional Activation Keys - Extended support owners may request, at no charge, two Move or Temporary activation keys per year from I/NET. Temporary keys are for the purposes of testing our software on other machines in a non-production environment for backup, disaster recovery, and development purposes. The temporary key will be valid for thirty days and will automatically disable the software after that time period. Two temporary activation keys per year may be requested by clients who don't have our extended support package for a fee of $200 per thirty day key. Move keys may also be requested but will cost $200 each (see details next item below)
  • Key to move I/NET software to a different machine - Companies with licensed I/NET software may move it from one machine to another. Those who have extended support may simply contact I/NET by using our web based form. Be sure to provide the serial numbers of the two machines involved. Also, send us a written letter, on your company's letterhead, stating you will remove our product from the previous machine. You may scan and email that letter to I/NET at or by postal to our corporate address. Licensed users who want to move I/NET software to a different machine and do not have extended support must contact I/NET and pay $200 USD for a new activation key.
  • Extended support is renewable - Clients who desire additional support may purchase 10 hours for $750. Support can be purchased at any time without regard to the initial product purchase date.

Purchase or Renew Support

For your convenience, you may purchase support using PayPal by clicking on the following button:

For other payment options, you may contact I/NET.


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