Viewing Webulator/400 Documentation

All of the documentation is written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

Upon installation, the Webulator/400 user guide documentation is located in the directory /WBL/Pubs.

Since the documentation is an HTML marked up document there are many files which make up the entire documentation. The base document is named usrguide.htm. Access this file to start at the beginning of the document.

Accessing Document Files Directly

Most web browsers have the ability to load and view HTML files directly from a disk. Therefore, if your browser has this ability you can load the files through this means. Client Access/400 allows you to connect to the IFS Root file system through a network drive definition. In order to reach the drive necessary you can either connect a drive directly to the /WBL/Pubs directory or you can connect to the ROOT of the IFS file system and work your way through the path (/WBL/Pubs) to reach the documentation.

Accessing Documentation through a Web Server

Depending on the Web Server you are using, you will have to take some additional steps before you can view the online documentation.

If you are using I/NET's Web Server/400 or Commerce Server/400, you must copy the contents of the /WBL/Pubs directory to a directory that falls under your server document root (which by default is /WWWServ/Webdocs).
For example, if you create a new directory named /WWWServ/Webdocs/WblV2Pubs and copy the contents of the /WBL/Pubs directory into it, you could view the base document by accessing the /WblV2Pubs/usrguide.htm file.

If you are using another Web Server, you must either copy the contents of the /WBL/Pubs directory to an accessible directory or change your server's configuration so that your can serve files from the /WBL/Pubs directory.