Initial Webulator/400 Setup

The following steps must be performed before running the Webulator/400 Version 2.0 for the first time.

  1. Install any AS/400 Web Server (Optional)
    Webulator/400 requires that you have an installed AS/400 http server if you wish to use any of the following Webulator/400 features:

  2. Install Webulator/400
  3. Set the Webulator/400 User File Path (WBLUSRFILE) Field
    You must set the path of the Webulator/400 user file if you plan to take advantage of the automatic signon capabilities of Webulator/400. The easiest way to setup Webulator/400 to use automatic signon is to reference the sample User File that is shipped with the Webulator/400 product. This file can be used by setting the Webulator/400 User File Path field to /WBL/CFG/AUTH/WBLUSR.CFG.

    This file is shipped with no entries since it is not possible to know the user ids or passwords on your system. You must add your own entries to this file using the WRKWBLPRF command before it will be useable by Webulator/400.

    It is beneficial to use the sample user file because of the authority settings that are shipped with this file.

  4. Evaluate the Maximum Webulator/400 Sessions (WBLMAXSSN) Field
    You can optionally set the maximum number of simultaneous Webulator/400 sessions that will be allowed. If you do not specify this entry, a default of 20 sessions will be used. This value can be set through the WBLMAXSSN field of the CHGWBLSVR command.

  5. Evaluate Signon Method
    The sample Session Based Configuration file (/WBL/CFG/ACCESS.CFG) that is shipped with Webulator/400 contains a root session entry with a signon method of signon screen. "Signon screen" was chosen because of its ease of setup, but it does have some potential security considerations. If you are not comfortable having a signon screen available even for a short period of time, you should change the signon type to a different value before restarting or reconfiguring Webulator/400. This value can be set through the Sign-on method field through option 2 of the WRKWBLSSN command or directly through the CHGWBLSSN command.

  6. Add Additional Webulator/400 Session Entries (Optional)
    The sample Session Based Configuration file (/WBL/CFG/ACCESS.CFG) that is shipped with Webulator/400 contains only the Webulator/400 root session entry and no child sessions. You can optionally add more Webulator/400 session entries by running the WRKWBLSSN command. The Webulator/400 root session will always be named /. If you want to add a new session entry off of the Webulator/400 root, you can add an entry such as /STATUS/. By creating additional sessions, you can have multiple URLs that will have different characteristics (such as which user will automatically be signed on).

  7. Ensure Webulator/400 specific files are accessible through the native AS/400 server.

  8. Set the Fall-thru Path for HTTP.
    This value is needed to locate the native AS/400 HTTP server that is used by the shipped Termination URL. This value can be set through the FALLTHRUH field of the CHGWBLSVR command.

  9. Check AS/400 Virtual Terminals
    Verify that the AS/400 system value QAUTOVRT is at a large enough number so that Webulator/400 can automatically create additional virtual terminal devices if needed.

  10. Start Webulator/400

    If Webulator/400 is already started, then you may run the Set WBL Configuration Values (SETWBLCFG) command which will reconfigure Webulator/400. Please note that when you reconfigure Webulator/400, the new configuration values will take effect for all new sessions only. Please refer to Reconfiguring Webulator/400 for more information.