Session Configuration

The Session Configuration Button allows the user to set display settings for their current session. These settings will affect the current user's session and will not be saved for future sessions. The purpose of session configuration is to allow the user to choose the best display settings for their current browser configuration. If the session configuration button is not defined in one of the button rows, the user will not have access to these settings.

The first session configuration value is the font size. Valid font sizes range from 1 to 7 with 3 being the default size used by browsers. This setting will allow the user to either increase or decrease the font size used for output fields on Webulator/400 screens. The initial font size setting for all sessions is 3.

The second session configuration value allows the user to toggle between displaying blank lines and not displaying blank lines. Not displaying blank lines may be useful if the user is running the browser in low resolution (640 by 480) and they cannot see all of the Webulator/400 lines without scrolling inside the browser. The one disadvantage is that Webulator/400 screens will lose some of the resemblance to the original AS/400 screen. The initial setting for all sessions is to display blank lines.