Webulator/400 HTTP Files

Webulator/400 features requiring a HTTP server.

Webulator/400 ships a small set of files that must be served from a standard HTTP server. Depending on your configuration, Webulator/400 may embed references to some of these files. Since Webulator/400 is a specialized HTTP server, it cannot serve these files directly. After configuring your Webulator/400 sessions, you should check if you must copy any of these shipped files to a location that is accessible to your native Web Server.

If you are planning to use any of the following features, please ensure that the corresponding Webulator/400 files are available for use.

Webulator/400 online publications.

Since Webulator/400 online publications are written in as HTML files, they cannot be served directly through the Webulator/400 specialized HTTP server. If you wish to view the publications online, you must either copy the files to a directory that is accessible to your native Web Server or configure your Web Server to have access to the /wbl/pubs directory. Please see Viewing Webulator/400 Documentation for more information.