Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Listed below are the minimum hardware requirements needed to run Webulator/400. Basically, any AS/400 running V3R1M0 or later can run Webulator/400 just fine. The most challenging hardware configurations involved with Webulator/400 are the TCP/IP and Internet connections.

Network Configurations

In order for Webulator/400 to be useful, TCP/IP connections to machines other than the AS/400 running the product must be available. This is typically done through a Local Area Network (LAN) or through X.25. The outside machines might be PCs on the LAN or Internet customers attached to your AS/400 through a TCP/IP router.

Below are the most common network configurations that can be used by Webulator/400.

Webulator/400 over a LAN

Webulator/400 over the Internet - LAN Router

Non-Network Configurations

It is recommended that Webulator/400 be used over a Token Ring, Ethernet, or X.25 TCP/IP connection.

You may be able to use Webulator/400 over a non-networked configuration using direct dial-up Internet access based on your level of OS/400. Please refer to your IBM AS/400 documentation for your available options concerning direct dial-up Internet access.