Choosing a Footer

Standard Webulator/400 Footer

The standard Webulator/400 footer contains the </BODY> and </HTML> entries.

Using a Custom Footer

Webulator/400 allows you to replace the standard footer with either an HTML or plain text custom footer. This feature allows you to control what will appear below the 5250 terminal data in the HTML forms. For example, you can include a link to your company's home page or an address for sending email.
Custom HTML Footers
If you choose to create a custom HTML footer file, it must include the following tags:
   (Optional BODY elements)

All embedded file references must be accessible by a Web Server. At a minimum, you must include a leading slash ("/") in the file name. Failure to do this may result in broken links.

The following sample footer places a link to a home page and a mail address for the local WebMaster.

   <A HREF="/home.htm">Home</A> |
   <A HREF="">WebMaster</A>
Custom Plain Text Footers
If you choose to create a custom plain text footer file, Webulator/400 will insert the plain text footer in a "Preformatted" text section followed immediately by the standard Webulator/400 footer.