Supported AID Keys

Here is a list of all AID Keys supported by Webulator/400 and the way to specify them in configuration files:
KEY                  CFG. FILE FORMAT
-------------------  ----------------
Enter                Enter
Help                 Help
Roll Down            RollDown
Roll Up              RollUp
F1                   F1
F2                   F2
F3                   F3
F4                   F4
F5                   F5
F6                   F6
F7                   F7
F8                   F8
F9                   F9
F10                  F10
F11                  F11
F12                  F12
F13                  F13
F14                  F14
F15                  F15
F16                  F16
F17                  F17
F18                  F18
F19                  F19
F20                  F20
F21                  F21
F22                  F22
F23                  F23
F24                  F24
Reset                Reset
Close                Close
System Request       SystemRequest
Attention            Attention
You can find more information about what each of these does by reading about AS/400 Command buttons.