Webulator/400 User Profile File

This file contains Webulator user profile entries. Because the passwords are not encrypted, you should protect this file with OS/400 authority. Only the user who changes the file and the user who starts the server needs authority to the file. The server user profile should NOT have authority to this file.

Note that only AS/400 user names that are needed for automatic signon of Webulator/400 sessions should appear in this file.

The file WblUser.Cfg is installed in the /Wbl/Cfg/Auth directory for extra protection. Commands modifying this file will create backup and temporary files (WblUser.bak and WblUser.tmp), which you don't want users to see. The /Wbl/Cfg/Auth directory is protected to discourage this.

Example Entry

WblUsr WblPass
The above example shows an entry that allows automatic signon for the user WblUsr with the password WblPass.

Commands to Work With This File