Configuration Files

This information is primarily for those people who wish to edit the configuration files directly (with an editor). Here is information about ways to edit configuration files.

Creating a New Configuration File

If you want to create a new configuration file (e.g. a user file), you can copy the empty file that is shipped with the server: /Wbl/Cfg/Shipped/Empty.Cfg. You can copy this file using either the WRKLNK command or the CPY command.

Rules About Configuration Files in General


The user profile of the person starting or reconfiguring the server must have read access to all configuration files. The user profile of the server does not need read access to any configuration files.

If the configuration commands are used to change the configuration, the user that runs them must have write access to the configuration files, as well as the temporary (*.tmp) and backup (*.bak) that are created by those commands.

Specific Configuration Files

File Relationships

The diagram below shows the relationships between file types. You can click on the image of a file or configuration value to get more information about it. Clicking on the image will only work if this documentation is being accessed through a web server like Web Server/400.