Virtual Terminal Device CCSID


Data originating from an application is in the Virtual Termainal's Device CCSID. It then gets sent to the Webulator/400 which is running under the Server User Profile CCSID. If these two CCSIDS are not the same, some characters may get changed.
This value instructs Webulator/400 to perform an extra translation step from the Device's CCSID to the Server User Profile CCSID before sending the screen to the browser.


Informs Webulator/400 of the CCSID that it will receive data from the Virtual Terminal APIs. Webulator will use this as the source CCSID when converting the data from the Device CCSID to the Server User Profile CCSID.

Default if no entry found

If no entry is provided for a directory, the parent directory's value will be inherited. If the root directory has no entry, the default, which is NoConvert, will be inherited.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax