Virtual Keyboard Row Start


Starts a virtual keyboard row section, which is used to define a row of virtual keyboard buttons on the screen. This section will override a section defined in a directory closer to the root if the two sections contain the same Location and Order.

If an empty section is specified (a Virtual Keyboard Row Start followed by a Virtual Keyboard Row End with no intervening Virtual Keyboard Buttons), no virtual keyboard buttons will be displayed for that row.


Can be either Top or Bottom. Specifies where this row of buttons will appear on the screen.

Used to define the order in which multiple rows of buttons appear. A row of buttons with a low order will appear before a row of buttons with a higher order. While button rows at different locations can share the same order, two button rows cannot have the same location and the same order.

Default if no entry found

If no button row is specified, button rows from the nearest parent directory containing button rows will be inherited. If no button rows are specified in the root directory, default button rows will be used. These defaults can then be inherited by other directories which do not specify button rows.

The four default button rows are at:

Location Order
Top      1
Bottom   1
Bottom   2
Bottom   3

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

<BtnRow Location Order>

Multiple virtual keyboard row sections may exist within each Session section.

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