Session Section Start


Starts a session section, which must be ended by the </Session> directive. All directives inside a session section apply to the current session and any sub-sessions.


A path relative to the root of the server where the Webulator/400 root is the meta path "/". Webulator/400 is a meta object, meaning that it does not represent anything within IFS, but another resource that can be served, protected and/or configured. All directives inside this session section will apply to the session and all sub-sections.

Default If No Entry Found

There is no default for this directive

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

<Session SessionName>

An unlimited number of session sections may be specified in the session based configuration file. Each session section consists of a session section start, followed by other directives, followed by a session section end. Session sections may not be nested (i.e. one session section must be ended before another can be started).

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