Keyboard Plugin Location


A browser plug in is a platform specific piece of code that is loaded by the browser whenever data of a certain type is accessed. Webulator/400 can embed an HTML tag that forces our keyboard plug in to be called every time a Webulator/400 screen is displayed. The keyboard plug in monitors the keyboard for the user pressing any of the defined AS/400 AID keys (such as Enter and Function Keys). Whenever the plug in detects one of these keys being pressed, it will automatically return the HTML form to the AS/400.

Some browsers key the execution of a plug in to the existence of a file on the server that is destined for the plug in code. This file usually contains data that the plug in will use during its execution, i.e.: a file that contains the sound that you wish to hear at the browser, or a file that contains the video clip that you wish to display. Webulator/400 allows the browser to request this type of file based on the Keyboard Plugin Location value.

You will need a separate HTTP server to serve this file to the browser. The file specified may contain any data you like and can be named anything that the HTTP server is capable of serving; it must exist, but the contents are not important. The value of the Keyboard Plugin Location must be based on where the file actually exists, taking the HTTP server's document root path into consideration. In the case of Web Server/400, this would normally be /Plugin.wky if you have not changed the server defaults. In addition, content type information may also be required by the HTTP server.

Additional information about the keyboard plugin may be found here.


A fully qualified path and file name indicating the directory where the keyboard plugin file is stored and its file name. This file must be accessible by a Web Server.

Default If No Entry Found


Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

KbdPluginLoc /PathAndFileName

Only one entry may exist in the master server configuration file. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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