Authentication Group File Configuration


Specifies the group file to use when processing user authentications.


The name of the file that contains groups. Each line in the file will consist of one group name followed by a colon (':') and then user names which belong to the group.

More than one user name can be on the same line as long as there is a space separating all user names. If the same group appears on more than one line, all user names on all lines containing the group will be considered a part of the group.

Default If No Entry Found

If there is no group file specified, authentication using groups is not allowed.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

AuthGroupFile GroupFile

Each group file entry must be within a session section. If more than one group file is specified in the same session section, the last entry will be used for that session.

When processing requires involving groups, only one group file will be used. The one used will be the one that is nearest (and farthest from the root) to the session for which access is being evaluated.

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