SETWBLCFG - Set WBL Configuration Values

While it is possible to modify the configuration values for Webulator/400 using the configuration commands provided with the product, some users may wish to make changes to the files directly. While not recommended, this practice is available for those wishing to exercise it.

When modifying the server configuration using the commands, any changes made are automatically reflected in the operation of the server daemons when the command completes execution. Manual modifications using an editor do not inform the request processors that a modification has been made. The SETWBLCFG command allows you to set that flag after manual changes have been made. This command can also be run any time you wish to ensure that the latest configuration values are being executed by the server.

The parameters associated with the SETWBLCFG command are:

Authorizing a User to SETWBLCFG

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the SETWBLCFG command: