MIGWSGWBL - Migrate Workstation Gateway Configuration to Webualtor/400

The MIGWSGWBL command provides the ability to migrate the configuration values that are pertinent to AS/400 Workstation Gateway (WSG) to an appropriate Webulator/400 session configuration. Contents of the INACTTIMO, DTARQSTIMO, DSPSGN, TOPBNRURL, BOTBNRURL, and CCSID parameters of the CHGWSGA command will be migrated. The Port value for the "wsg" service in WRKSRVTBLE will also be migrated, as well as the first exit program found (controls WSG signon) that is registered for the QAPP0100 exit point. The destination configuration files must exist before executing the MIGWSGWBL command. If the session does not exist within the Webulator/400 session configuration file, a new one will be automatically created. Use the CHGWBLSVR, CHGWBLSSN, or WRKWBLSSN commands to modify other aspects of the Webulator/400 configuration.
The parameters associated with the MIGWSGWBL command are:

Authorizing a User to MIGWSGWBL

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the MIGWSGWBL command: