MIGWBLWBL - Migrate Webulator Session Configuration

The MIGWBLWBL command has been designed to act as an aid during the installation and setup of version 2.x of Webulator/400. It provides the ability to migrate the configuration values that are found in a Web Server/400, Commerce Server/400 and Webulator/400 (version 1.x) directory based configuration file to the appropriate Webulator/400 version 2.x session based configuration file.

Only contents of the directory based configuration file will be migrated. Master, alias, authentication user, and profile configurations should be reviewed, duplicated, and modified manually. It is possible to use the Copy Object (CPY) command or Client Access IFS or Shared Folders support to accomplish this. Values relating to non-Webulator/400 directories will not be reflected in the new Webulator/400 session configuration. As a result, <LIMIT> definitions that were previously inherited from the root directory by all Webulator/400 sessions will not be migrated and should be evaluated and added to the session based configuration manually.

The destination session configuration file will be created during the execution of the MIGWBLWBL command. If the configuration file already exists, it will be cleared and migrated session information will replace any data that was previously in the file.

Use the CHGWBLSVR, CHGWBLSSN, or WRKWBLSSN commands to modify other aspects of the Webulator/400 configuration.

The parameters associated with the MIGWSGWBL command are:

Authorizing a User to MIGWSGWBL

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the MIGWSGWBL command: