What's new with Version 1.1

New Configuration Values

Webulator/400 Version 1.1 has added several new configuration values:

Changes to Existing Configuration Values

Virtual Keyboard Keyword Parsing

The Virtual Keyboard parsing logic has been changed to allow more control over the text that will appear in the buttons. Version 1.0 used program logic to determine if the keyword or the description that followed the keyword would appear in the submit button. Version 1.1 uses configuration values to determine the button contents.

This new format allows you to specify either DESCRIPTION (default) or KEYWORD for each parsing button entry.

Please note that since Version 1.1 always uses either the DESCRIPTION or the KEYWORD for each entry while Version 1.0 programatically determined the appearance, the parsing buttons may appear different using Version 1.1 than when using Version 1.0. Please check the appearance of your parsing buttons to ensure that they appear to your satisfaction.

Graphical Menu Field Selection

The Menu Type value has been enhanced to allow for the inclusion of the location of the input field that should receive the menu selection value. Version 1.0 restricted graphical menus to screens with only one input capable field. Please see the Graphical Menus section for more information.

Query String Overrides

The Signon Method has been enhanced to allow for the parsing of query string keywords that will help initialize the AS/400 interactive job. Please see the Query String Options section for more information.

DBCS Terminal Support

The Terminal Size value has been enhanced to allow for the inclusion of DBCS terminals connected to a DBCS capable machine. Please see the AS/400 Display Types section for more information.

New Features

Secured Transactions

Webulator/400 transactions are secured when used in conjuction with Commerce Server/400.

Enhanced V3R2 Support

The V3R2 HTML DDS keyword is supported. Please see the Embedding HTML into the 5250 data stream section for more information.