Termination Options

Closing Confirmation

Webulator/400 allows you to determine if the user should be presented with a Confirmation Screen after they press the Close Session command button. You may want to set this value to Yes if you wish to protect users from accidentally pressing the Close Session button and losing their session data. The closing confirmation screen will allow the user to return back to the previous screen or to continue closing. You may want to set this value to No if you feel the likelihood of your users accidentally pressing the Close Session is remote or you find that they are less likely to close a session because of the extra step involved.

Termination URL

Webulator/400 allows you to specify a Termination URL that control is transferred to when the user ends a Webulator/400 session. This allows for a transparent way for the user to be returned to a meaningful URL when they are finished with their Webulator/400 session. In addition to the URL, a description must be entered that will be used as the link text to your termination URL on all Webulator/400 error messages.