Preformatted Text or HTML Tables

Webulator/400 allows you to choose if the AS/400 screen data should be sent as HTML Preformatted Text or as a HTML Table.

HTML Preformatted Text

Webulator/400 Version 1.0 sent all screens using HTML Preformatted Text and is the default method in Version 1.1. Webulator/400 will send Preformatted Text when the Tables Enabled configuration value is set to No.

Preformatted text has the following characteristics:

HTML Tables

Webulator/400 Version 1.1 allows you to specify that all 5250 screen data should be included inside a HTML Table. Webulator/400 will send HTML tables when the Tables Enabled configuration value is set to Yes.

HTML Tables have the following characteristics:


You are better off using Preformatted Text if your 5250 screens do not use tabular data. It produces smaller files that are quicker to display and is supported by more browsers than tables. If your programs use tabular data and you are not satisfied with the way Preformatted Text aligns your columns, then experiment with Tables.