AS/400 Virtual Terminal Considerations

Webulator/400 uses virtual terminals to execute the HTML 5250 session. As a result, some virtual terminals need to be created for this use. Webulator/400 will automatically create these devices if there are devices available to be created (system value QAUTOVRT has not yet been reached). These devices will be created starting in the QPACTL01, QPACTL02, or QPACTL03 virtual control units and will be named QPADEVnnnn (where nnnn is a number between 0001 and 0250).

If the number contained in the system value QAUTOVRT has been reached or exceeded by the maximum number of virtual devices, it is your responsibility to manually create the devices (using the CRTDEVDSP command) needed for Webulator/400 access. These devices must have the following device types based on the capabilities desired:

For example, to create a device to provide the screen size of 24x80 characters that is color, you would enter the command CRTDEVDSP DEVD(QPADEV0001) DEVCLS(*VRT) TYPE(3179) MODEL(2) CTL(QPACTL01) TEXT('Webulator/400 virtual device - 24x80 color').

In addition, if you have implemented an interactive subsystem policy that involves specific work station entries for each display device or device type, it may be necessary for you to add these new virtual devices (or device types) as work station job entries to be controlled by your interactive subsystem. This is done by using the ADDWSE (Add Work Station Entry) command.

Additional information about AS/400 virtual terminals can be found in the AS/400 Work Management manual.