Installing Webulator/400

Important Pre-Installation Instructions

One of the following products must be installed on the system before installing Webulator/400 Version 1.1:

Installing Webulator/400 requires the following steps:

  1. Sign on the AS/400 as QSECOFR or another user profile with a user class of *SECOFR. Special authorities are required to successfully install Webulator/400 objects.
  2. End all currently running Web servers with the ENDWWW command. Also ensure that no product commands or menus are running. Use the WRKACTJOB command to verify there are no servers and commands running.
  3. Ensure the system value QALWOBJRST is set to either *ALL or *ALWPGMADP. The Webulator service program WWWVAUTSRV adopts authority for the purpose of validating user profiles and passwords. The Webulator documentation; sign on methods, includes more information on this topic. QALWOBJRST can be reset, if needed, after the installation is successfully completed.
  4. Run the system command LODRUN to install Webulator/400 from the supplied product tape.

    Note: Prompt the command to change the tape device if the default is not appropriate.

    The install should take approximately 5 to 15 minutes depending on the tape device and AS/400 model (NOTE: RISC AS/400s may take longer if not using a RISC installation tape due to the extra time it takes to convert IMPI programs to RISC programs). The install program displays a message when it is finished indicating the install was successful.

    If any problems occur during the install:

    1. Check the joblog to determine the cause of the error.
    2. Correct the problem.
    3. Re-run the installation command.
    4. If problems persist, please contact support.

Objects Installed

The following objects were created/restored on the AS/400 by the installation program: