AS/400 Display Types

Emulating Color and Monochrome Displays

The Terminal Color configuration element lets you emulate either a color or monochrome display.

If you emulate a monochrome display, Webulator/400 will display all text in a single color and display high intensity characters as bold. The monochrome display configuration requires an HTML 2.0 compliant browser to properly view Webulator/400 screens. You can optionally define the text color by configuring the Monochrome Text Color. Please note that if you do this you will require a browser that supports extensions to HTML 2.0.

If you emulate a color display, Webulator/400 will use the colors defined in the 5250 Data Description Specifications (DDS). While this is more visually appealing, it does require a browser that supports extensions to HTML 3.0. You can optionally choose to define one or all of the colors by configuring the Screen Text Colors.

Controlling the AS/400 Terminal Size

The Terminal Size configuration element lets you control the maximum width and height of the emulated display. This element allows you to one of the following terminals: