Terminal Timeout


Allows you to specify the duration (in minutes) before an inactive session is closed.

If the system value QINACTITV causes a timeout before Webulator/400 times out, the user will be presented with a sign-on screen. If you do not want that to happen, always set the Webulator/400 timeout value to something smaller than the system value.


The number of minutes Webulator/400 will wait before closing an inactive session. If this is 0, there will be no timeout. The maximum possible value for this is 1440 (24 hours).

Default if no entry found

If no entry is provided for a directory, the parent directory's value will be inherited. If the root directory has no entry, the default, which is 5, will be inherited.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

TermTimeout Minutes

Only one entry may exist in a directory section. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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