Field Level Prompting


Specifies the text that a user can type in to indicate which field they want help with.


This optional parameter specifies the text that a user can type in a field to prompt that field.

When any key other than the ENTER key is pressed, the Webulator will compare the text string with the ending characters of each entry field. If the text matches the ending characters of any entry field, the text will be stripped and the remaining characters will be returned to the AS/400 application along with the current row and column location. Only the first field will be processed.

If this parameter is not specified, field level prompting will not be allowed.

Default if no entry found

If no entry is provided for a directory, the parent directory's value will be inherited. If the root directory has no entry, the default, which is to ?, will be inherited.

Command To Change This Value

File Syntax

FieldLevelPrompting Text

Only one entry may exist in a directory section. If more than one entry is found, the last one will be used.

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