WRKWBLPRS - Work with Webulator/400 Parsed Buttons

This command provides the ability to Add, Remove, and Display parsed buttons. Parsed buttons are buttons placed on the screen in place of a keyword represented as text. The button gives the user the ability to simulate a keyboard entry by simply pushing the button.

The WRKWBLPRS command provides an intermediate panel which allows the user to select from the list of existing directory entries. To work directly with the directory entries use the WRKWWWDIR command provided as a Web Server/400 command.

The parameters associated with the WRKWWBLPRS command are:

Work with Parsed Buttons Options

The following options are available from within the WRKWBLPRS command:

1 - Add Parsing Button Entry

This panel is used to create a parsed button entry. The data necessary to create a parsing button is collected within this panel:

4 - Remove Parsing Button Entry

This panel is used to confirm the removal of a parsed button entry. The panel displays all of the parsing button entries selected to be removed.

5 - Display Parsing Button Entry

This panel is used to display a parsing button entry. The entry's data is displayed in its entirety.

Authorizing a User to WRKWBLPRS

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the WRKWBLPRS command: