Net Print/400 - Browser Configuration

A browser is unable to process all forms of data that are sent from a web server, so browsers are able to be enhanced with the help of plug-ins and helper applications. A plug-in is a platform specific piece of code that is loaded by the browser whenever data of a certain type is accessed. A helper application is a program that is executed to process the data.

General Description

Net Print/400 provides both a plug-in (NPnpw32.dll)and a helper application (Netprint Viewer.exe). The plug-in is used whenever the data is downloaded using an embed statement, primarily when a print is requested through Webulator/400. The helper application is used for all other cases. In the remainder of this document the plug-in and helper application are referred to as the plug-in.

The NETPRTIB program sends the converted spooled file to the browser with special MIME types of "application/x-netprint400" or "application/x-netprint400-ep". Whenever the browser receives a data stream with a MIME type of "application/x-netprint400", it will automatically execute the Net Print/400 helper application. Whenever the browser receives a data stream with a MIME type of "application/x-netprint400-ep", it will automatically execute the Net Print/400 plugin.

When the NETPRTIB program sends HTML output it uses a standard MIME type of "text/html" which the browser handled directly without the help of an plug-in.

Installation of the Net Print/400 Plug-in

1 - Before you Begin
Be sure you are working with one of the following platforms and browsers before you continue.

Supported Platforms

Supported Browsers

2 -Getting the Plugin Installation Program
The plug-in installation program is installed at the home folder (/qdls/NPW/plugin/setup.exe) and also can be found on the Net Print/400 installation CD (\plugin\setup.exe). You can also visit the I/NET website:

The plug-in install program may be downloaded by selecting the appropriate link at the I/NET site. As with any download request, a browser save dialog is presented. Refer to your browser for assistance in downloading and saving files. Please remember where you saved the installation program and what name you saved it as.

3 - Close Your Browser
You must close your browser before the next step. The plugin will not be recognized until you close your browser and restart it.

4 - Run the Installation Program
Execute the installation program which was located or downloaded in step 2.

Follow the directions provided by the installation program.

    1. Press Next > on the welcome screen when you have verified that you have closed all of your browser windows.
    2. Press Yes when you have read and accepted the license agreement.
    3. Select the directory that you which to have the plug-in and helper application installed, or leave the default, then press Next.

The plug-in and helper application are now installed. The plug-in has been copied to the installation directory and the plugins directory for the latest Netscape and Internet Explorer installed on your machine, if found.

If you have more than one version if Netscape or Internet Explorer on your machine you will need to copy NPnpw32.dll to the plug-ins directory for each browser. The plug-ins directory is found below the directory where your browser program file (EXE) is.

Updating the Plug-in

Periodically the plug-in may be updated. The updated can be found at the I/NET website:

Uninstalling the Plug-in

The plug-in and helper application can be removed from your system by selecting "Net Print/400 Viewer" in the Add/Remove Programs dialog found in control panel and pressing Add/Remove.

Using the Plug-in

Once the NETPRTIB program sends the spooled file to the browser, you will see a standard Windows Print Dialog Box (Figure 6.1). The "name" drop down box is for you to select your locally or network attached printer. The number of copies can be selected, and the choice of saving the report to the hard drive is also an option (Please note that the printer you select in this box must be compatible with the printer type sent to the NETPRTIB program).

Figure 6.1 The Print Dialog Box

Print Dialog Box Options:

Printers that are available to your PC.

Number of copies
Number of copies of the report desired. Defaults to 1.

Print to file
If this selected, the report will be saved as a file on your computer. A standard Windows "Save as" dialog will be displayed for you to select the name and location of this file. Defaults as Unchecked (send to printer).

Sorting more than one copy of the report. Collation is not supported and will be ignored by the plug-in.

Print Range
The plug-in can only print the entire document. Printing individual pages is not supported.

Possible Operation Errors

If an error occurs during the execution of the Plugin, you will see an error box appear on the screen. The error box will have a title, which describes briefly the nature of the error. Inside the box will be a windows system error message describing the exact cause of the error. The error box will have a button allowing you to Retry the operation in failure, or just click "OK", depending upon the type of error. For example, if you have chosen to print the spooled file but don't have a printer attached, an error box will appear allowing you to correct the problem and select "Retry".

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