Net Print/400 - Configuring CGI Environments

Once the product is installed, the service programs, and other objects, can be moved into a library that you have set up on your system for other CGI programs. This will enable you to conveniently use the CGI library/directory that you have already set up on your server, keeping all of your CGI's in one place rather than having multiple libraries, and multiple CGI directories. If you solely move the NETPRTIB program out of the product library, you must add the product library (NETPRTINET) to your server's library list. Other configuration elements specific to each type of server must also be put in place to enable the execution of the Net.Data macros and NETPRTIB CGI program. These may include, but are not necessarily limited to, alias, script library, additional document directory, map, and exec directives. Please refer to the corresponding server documentation for assistance in making these modifications.

Note: If you should choose to move the product from the product library to your CGI library, refer to Table 4.1 for the programs and service programs you will need to move. In addition, the installation of product PTFs will not effect these moved objects. As a result, you may need to duplicate them again after a PTF is processed.

Table 4.1 Programs and Service Programs.


Service Programs






When executing the NETPRTIB CGI program directly, the URL that is constructed for the call must be appropriate to the configuration of the web server being used to serve the CGI results, i.e. the location of the NETPRTIB program, as well as port number and other path variables.

Configuration elements must be added to each type of server to enable the server to serve CGI and to help point the browser request to the correct server location. This allows the server to execute the NETPRTIB program and run the Netprtsp.d2w Net.Data macro.

You must install the current PTFs for Net.Data to ensure that Net Print/400 will work properly. For more information on Net.Data PTFs see IBM's website at:

Note: If using Net.Data macros with Commerce Server/400 or Web Server/400, it is important to first install the special IBM CGI enablement PTF WWW130021, or a previous PTF depending on your OS/400 version, and closely follow the included instructions to move programs and modify server configurations for the execution of Net.Data macros. For instructions on downloading and installing PTF's, visit the I/NET website at:

For all servers you must do 1 of 2 options.

Option 1. Running CGI from the product library (NETPRTINET)

Option 2. Using an existing CGI/Script library.

Setting up Commerce Server/400 or Web Server/400 to work with Net Print/400

Web Server/400 PTF WWW130021, or a previous PTF depending on your OS/400 release, must be installed to execute the Net.Data sample macro. For instructions visit the website at the following URL:

Within the Work with WWW Aliases (WRKWWWALS) command:

Other configuration requirements:

Setting up Netscape Enterprise Server to work with Net Print/400

Setting up the IBM HTTP Server to work with Net Print/400

Advanced setup concepts

As a reminder, you should make sure that the appropriate configuration elements are completed and other setup topics are covered to insure proper execution of the Net Print/400 product in your advanced CGI environment. A few items to check before continuing include:

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