Net Print/400 - Available Printer Types

Table 6.1 Current List of Available Printer Types (Manufacturer Type and Model) for use in parameter MFRTYPMDL




IBM 2380 Personal Printer Series II

IBM 2380 Plus Printer


IBM 2381 Personal Printer Series II,

IBM 2381 Plus Printer


IBM 2390 Personal Printer Series II

IBM 2390 Plus Printer


IBM 2391 Personal Printer Series II

IBM 2391 Plus Printer


IBM 3112 Page Printer


IBM 3116 Page Printer


IBM 3130 Advanced Function Printer


IBM 3812 Pageprinter


IBM 3816 Pageprinter


IBM 3912 Page Printer (HP Mode)


IBM 3916 Page Printer (HP Mode)


IBM 39302 IBM 3930-02S Page Printer

IBM 39302 IBM 3930-02D Page Printer


IBM 39303 IBM 3930-03S Page Printer

IBM 39303 IBM 3930-03D Page Printer


IBM 4019 LaserPrinter

IBM 4019E LaserPrinter E


IBM 4019 LaserPrinter (HP** Mode)

IBM 4019E LaserPrinter E (HP Mode)


IBM 4029-010 LaserPrinter 5E

IBM 4029-020 LaserPrinter 6

IBM 4029-030 LaserPrinter 10

IBM 4029-040 LaserPrinter 10L


IBM 4029-010 LaserPrinter 5E (HP Mode)

IBM 4029-020 LaserPrinter 6 (HP Mode)

IBM 4029-030 LaserPrinter 10 (HP Mode)

IBM 4029-040 LaserPrinter 10L (HP Mode)


IBM 4037 5E Printer


IBM LaserPrinter 4039-10D (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-10D Plus (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-10R (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-10R Plus (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-12R (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-12R Plus (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-12L (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-12L Plus (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-16L (HP Mode)

IBM LaserPrinter 4039-16L Plus (HP Mode)


IBM 4070 IJ


IBM 4070 IJ (Epson** Mode)


IBM 4072 ExecJet*


IBM 4076 ExecJet* II Printer (HP Mode)


IBM 4201-1 Proprinter*


IBM 4201-2 Proprinter II


IBM 4201-3 Proprinter III


IBM 4202-1 Proprinter XL


IBM 4202-2 Proprinter II XL


IBM 4202-3 Proprinter III XL


IBM 4207-1 Proprinter X24


IBM 4207-2 Proprinter X24E


IBM 4208-1 Proprinter XL24


IBM 4208-2 Proprinter XL24E


IBM 4212 Proprinter 24P


IBM 4216-10 Personal Pageprinter


IBM 4226-302 Printer


IBM 4230-4S3 Printer (IBM Mode)

IBM 4230-4I3 Printer (IBM Mode)


IBM 4232-302 Printer (IBM Mode)


IBM4244 Printer (single tractor or manual feed selection)


IBM4244 Printer (single tractor feed and ASF)


IBM4244 Printer (dual tractor feeds)


IBM4247 Printer (single formfeed or manual selection)


IBM4247 Printer (dual tractor feeds)


IBM4247 Printer (single tractor feed and ASF)


IBM Network Printer 12


IBM Network Printer 17


IBM InfoPrint 20


IBM Network Printer 24


IBM InfoPrint 32


IBM 4712-1 Transaction Printer


IBM 4712-2 Transaction Printer


IBM 4722-1 Document Printer


IBM 4722-2 Document Printer


IBM 4770 InkJet Transaction Printer


IBM 5152 Graphics Printer


IBM 5201-2 Quietwriter*


IBM 5202-1 Quietwriter III


IBM 5204-1 Quickwriter*


IBM 5216 Wheelprinter


IBM 5579-H02 Printer

IBM 5579-K02 Printer

IBM 5577-T02 Printer

IBM 5579-S02 Printer

IBM 5577-K02 Printer

IBM 5577-J02 Printer

IBM 5577-G02 Printer

IBM 5577-H02 Printer

IBM 5577-F02 Printer

IBM 5577-B02 Printer

IBM 5575-H02 Printer

IBM 5575-F02 Printer (with SBCS Cartridge)

IBM 5575-B02 Printer (with SBCS Cartridge)

IBM 5573-K02 Printer

IBM 5573-J02 Printer

IBM 5573-H02 Printer

IBM 5573-G02 Printer

IBM 5572-B02 Printer

IBM 5417-011 Printer

IBM 5407-011 Printer

IBM 5327-011 Printer

IBM 4208-502 Printer


IBM 5589-H01 Printer

IBM 5588-H02 Printer

IBM 5587-H01 Printer

IBM 5586-H02 Printer

IBM 5585-H01 Printer

IBM 5584-K02 Printer

IBM 5584-H02 Printer

IBM 5584-G02 Printer


IBM Network Printer 12 (with PAGES feature)

IBM Network Printer 17 (with PAGES feature)

IBM Network Printer 24 (with PAGES feature)


IBM 6400 Printers (IBM Mode)


IBM 6400 Printers (Epson Mode)


IBM 6404 Printers (IBM Mode)


IBM 6404 Printers (Epson Mode)


IBM 6408-A00 Printer (IBM Mode)

IBM 6408-CTA Printer (IBM Mode)


IBM 6408-A00 Printer (Epson Mode)

IBM 6408-CTA Printer (Epson Mode)


IBM 6412-A00 Printer (IBM Mode)

IBM 6412-CTA Printer (IBM Mode)


IBM 6412-A00 Printer (Epson Mode)

IBM 6412-CTA Printer (Epson Mode)


Canon LIPS3 DBCS Printers


COMPAQ** PageMark 15 (HP Mode)


COMPAQ PageMark 20 (HP Mode)


HP LaserJet-compatible printers for Double Byte

Character Set (DBCS) input.


HP LaserJet** Series II


HP LaserJet IID


HP LaserJet IIP


HP LaserJet III


HP LaserJet IIID


HP LaserJet IIIP


HP LaserJet IIISi


HP DeskJet 1200C


HP DeskJet 1600C


HP DeskJet 310


HP DeskJet 320


HP LaserJet 4


HP LaserJet 4000 series


HP LaserJet 5 series


HP DeskJet 500


HP DeskJet 520


HP DeskJet 540


HP DeskJet 550C


HP DeskJet 560C


HP LaserJet 5000 series


HP LaserJet 5Si


HP LaserJet 6 series


HP LaserJet 8000 series


HP Color LaserJet 5


HP PaintJet

HP PaintJet XL

HP PaintJet XL300


Lexmark Optra Family (HP Mode)


Lexmark Optra C Color Printer


Lexmark Optra N Printer


Lexmark Optra S Printer family


Lexmark Optra SC Color Printer

Lexmark Optra Color 1200 Printer


Lexmark Forms Printer 2380 Plus


Lexmark Forms Printer 2381 Plus


Lexmark Forms Printer 2390 Plus


Lexmark Forms Printer 2391 Plus


Lexmark 4227 Forms Printer


Epson ESC/P DBCS Printers


Epson ActionPrinter 2250


Epson ActionPrinter 3250


Epson ActionPrinter 5000


Epson ActionPrinter 5500


Epson DFX-5000


Epson DFX-8000


Epson FX-850


Epson FX-870


Epson FX-1170


Epson LQ-570


Epson LQ-860


Epson LQ-870


Epson LQ-1070


Epson LQ-1170


Epson LQ-510


Epson LQ-2550


Epson LX-810


Epson SQ-870


Epson SQ-1170


Epson EPL-7000


Epson EPL-8000


NEC** PC-PR101

NEC** PC-PR201


NEC** P2 Pinwriter


NEC P2200 Pinwriter


NEC P2200 XE Pinwriter


NEC P5200 Pinwriter


NEC P5300 Pinwriter


NEC P6200 Pinwriter


NEC P6300 Pinwriter


Okidata** Microline 184 Turbo (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 320 (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 321 (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 390 Plus (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 391 Plus (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 393 Plus (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 590 (IBM Mode)


Okidata Microline 591 (IBM Mode)


Okidata OL400 LED Page Printer


Okidata OL800 LED Page Printer


Okidata OL810 LED Page Printer


Okidata OL820 LED Page Printer


Okidata Pacemark 3410


Panasonic** KX-P1123 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1124 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1124i (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1180 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1180i (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1191 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1624 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1654 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P1695 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P2123 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P2124 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P2180 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P2624 (Epson Mode)


Panasonic KX-P4410 (HP Mode)


Panasonic KX-P4420 (HP Mode)


Panasonic KX-P4430 (HP Mode)


Panasonic KX-P4450i (HP Mode)


Panasonic KX-P4451 (HP Mode)


Xerox** 4215/MRP (HP Mode)


Xerox 4219/MRP (HP Mode)


Xerox 4220/MRP (HP Mode)


Xerox 4230/MRP (HP Mode)


Xerox 4235 LaserPrinting (HP Mode)


Xerox 4700 II Color Document Printer (HP Mode)

If you do not find your desired printer in the list of MFRTYPMDL's above, or if you need additional printing features, refer to the section "AS/400 Printing IV" 6.3 via IBM BookManager BookServer. You may also reference this book via the IBM web-site at:

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