What is a Merchant Server?

A Way to do Business Over the Internet

Do you know how to process a credit card? Many people think of the terminal or "swipe" machine at their local restaurant, market, or hotel. Most business applications require that you bill your customer or accept credit card information to be keyed manually before the order is filled. This can mean slower response to your customers, delayed order shipping, and special security requirements to keep your customer's credit card information safe. Not so anymore!!!

With Merchant/400, used in conjunction with Commerce Server/400, you can now call a simple API (Application Programming Interface) to process business transactions over the World Wide Web. You can use your AS/400 applications to collect credit card information from the customer while the order is being placed - making the transaction easier and more secure for your customer, resulting in new marketing, public relations and customer support opportunities.

The Process

Here's how it works. AS/400 applications collect information about an order - the customer, their credit card information, and the total amount to be charged. This is structured and sent via a call to the Merchant/400 API. Merchant/400 packages the information and sends it, via a secure SSL link, to a transaction processing center. Once received, the transaction center processes the transaction with your credit card processing center. The results (approved or denied) are returned to your application - usually within 1 minute. And you can transact charges or pre-authorizations and shipments with Merchant/400 too, just by specifying a transaction type.

Merchant/400 means your business doesn't need to rely on someone calling for credit card approval anymore. Your customers can make purchases and pay for them - immediately. No more waiting for the "credit authorization" person to get in. No more calls to inform the customer that their credit was denied and you can not fill their order. No more fumbling with the Veriphone terminal to enter a transaction.

In summary, Merchant/400 in conjunction with Commerce Server/400, gives you the following benefits: