Getting Set Up as an Internet Merchant

So, You Want to do Business on the Internet

Transacting business over the Internet can be straightforward and efficient, but you need to set up accounts with partner processing agencies to make it all work. As an Internet merchant, you have a number of options available to you as you approach these partner alliances. Which options you select depend upon the links you wish to make when communicating with the processing center or acquirer while executing a credit card transaction.

Partner Host Companies That Provide the Link

Credit Card Network provides processing services for credit card transactions, both in an automated fashion via Merchant/400 and Holonet IAT, and through a manual entry program for special case transactions. Credit Card Network can also provide "one stop" registration to create your Merchant account with Credit Card Network, Holonet IAT, and a credit card processor.

Anacom Communications, Inc. allows for simple, low cost credit card processing. Anacom also supports merchants who do Internet business outside of the United States. Anacom also has a referral service to assist you in setting up a merchant account with a card processor.

Holonet IAT specializes in Internet communications and may be used to link to Credit Card Network, Anacom Communications, or other services. If desired, Holonet can assist with the sequential submission of transactions to multiple services when it is difficult to complete a transaction because of network or system failures. For example, Holonet may automatically submit a transaction to Anacom Communications if they are unable to connect to Credit Card Network to complete it.

DataCash Ltd. allows for simple, low cost credit card processing. DataCash specializes in supporting merchants who do Internet business outside of the United States and who process transactions in multiple currencies.

Each of these companies provides varying products that can assist you, the merchant, when processing a credit card transaction over the Internet. Each of them provides secure connections, using the SSL encryption method for all transmissions originated from Merchant/400. This is also not intended to be an all-inclusive list and I/NET does not recommend any of these companies over the others, nor over other agencies that are not yet included here. The choice of a partner agency is dependent on the features and options you wish to employ as an Internet Merchant. The topic How It All Fits Together can assist you in the steps to create the accounts necessary to do business on the Internet.