How It All Fits Together

The Steps to Take to Become an Internet Merchant

  1. Get set up with a bank - you must have a savings or checking account.

  2. Contact a Credit Card Processor. Receive a Merchant Identification number and a virtual terminal ID to process transactions electronically.

  3. Sign up with Credit Card Network, Anacom Communications, DataCash, or another transaction processing company. Register a Merchant ID, username and password for access. They will also need to know the virtual terminal ID assigned by your card processor.

  4. If necessary, register with Holonet IAT to pass transactions to the appropriate transaction processing company. This may also involve a specialized configuration for sequencing or other circumstances.

  5. Program your application to use the Merchant/400 API. You may wish to use the I/NET store sample application as a beginning to your own store application.

  6. Set up, connect and configure the connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to communicate over the Internet. This may already have been completed to run Web Server/400 or Commerce Server/400.

  7. Call the Merchant/400 API to test and run the authorization routines through the entire system path.

Merchant/400 can also be used with the Net.Commerce for AS/400 product (5798-NC2) from IBM to process credit card transactions. This interface provides both mall/store functionality and credit card processing without the need for extensive CGI programming.