Holonet IAT

Transparent Processing for Credit Card Transactions

Holonet IAT is directly associated with Credit Card Network, Anacom Communications, and other credit card processing companies. This gives you, the merchant, the flexibility to process your transactions with one of many different organizations, depending on the circumstances of the transaction and the parameters set by your customer. Transmissions to Holonet via the Merchant/400 API are automatically routed, based on parameters you supply and your Holonet user account, to the proper destination with the transaction information securely delivered for processing. And it is all completed over the Internet.

There are a couple of different ways to set up an account with Holonet IAT. Simply creating a "transparent processing" account with Credit Card Network is one. By specifying that you wish to work through Holonet, an account will automatically be created for you with the same attributes as your Credit Card Network account. Holonet IAT is also an Internet Service Provider. If you wish to make your connection to the Internet directly via them, you can set up an account by calling Holonet at (510)704-0160, or you can get additional information at their web site.

Once you have an account set up, Holonet IAT will be almost transparent as you process your credit card transactions.

For questions or comments about Holonet IAT, call (510)704-0160, write to info@holonet.net, or visit their web page.