DataCash Ltd.

Multi-Currency Payment Solutions for Global Internet Merchants

The DataCash Transaction.raw plain-text process is a very simple interface to the DataCash clearing system. It is a proprietary gateway method that runs on the DataCash web server. Parameters are passed from the Merchant/400 API straight to the script without the intermediary of an HTML form. Results are returned in plain text with no formatting, ready to be parsed by Merchant/400 for return to the Merchant's application.

You can set up an account with DataCash by completing the secure Application form at their web site. You will need to have information about your company, as well as your bank and the acquiring bank you have selected, available for entry in the form. You will also want to have some ideas about the currency requirements of your application. Make sure to select I/NET in the reseller field and reference that you are a Merchant/400 user in the comments area of the application form as well.

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For questions or comments about DataCash, call (in the UK) +44 131 538 8400, write to, or visit their web page.