Credit Card Network

A Credit Card Transaction House for the World Wide Web

Credit Card Network is affiliated with many credit card processing centers, making it easy for you, the merchant, to do credit card authorization and transaction consummation over the Internet.

You can get an account set up with Credit Card Network by completing the secure Sign-Up form for I/NET customers at their web site or by requesting information via their Response form. You will need to have information about your company, as well as your bank and credit card processor, available for entry in the form. You will also want to have some ideas for a username (merchant name) and password.

Once you have a merchant account set up, Credit Card Network has support available for you to process your credit card transactions. This can be done via the Merchant/400 API or the secure Credit Card Network Manual processing screen.

Credit Card Network Advertised Features and Benefits

For questions or comments about Credit Card Network, call (206)287-1794, write to, or visit their web page.