This command allows you to add, remove and change directory entries within the directory-based configuration file. You can also run other directory-based configuration commands from this command.

The parameters associated with the WRKWWWDIR command are: The fields associated with the WRKWWWDIR command are:


The following options, which can all be entered in WRKWWWDIR for a selected directory, are given explanation here:
Allows you to add one directory section to the configuration file.
Runs the CHGWWWDIR command.
Work with limits
Runs the WRKWWWLIM command.
Work with parsed values
Runs the WRKWBLPRS Webulator command.
Work with Virtual Keyboard
Runs the WRKWBLROW Webulator command.
Change Webulator
Runs the CHGWBLCFG Webulator command.

Authorizing a User to WRKWWWDIR

A user that does not have *ALLOBJ special authority must be authorized as follows to run the WRKWWWDIR command: