Starting the Server

Starting Web Server/400 or Commerce Server/400

The following steps should be followed to start Web Server/400. Note that these instructions also apply to starting Commerce Server/400 without support for secured transactions (additional steps are required to enable Commerce Server/400 to perform secured transactions).

  1. Sign on the AS/400 with a user profile that has *ALLOBJ authority (e.g., QSECOFR).
  2. Once TCP/IP has been configured on the AS/400, start TCP/IP support using the STRTCP command (if not already started).
  3. Start the Web Server using the STRWWW command, which is accessible through the CMDWWW menu. When starting the server for the first time perform the following steps:
    1. Prompt the STRWWW command
    2. Press enter (use the default master configuration file)
    3. Press F10 to view additional parameters
    4. Key in the product activation key provided to you by your supplier with the product tape and press enter. Contact your supplier if you did not receive an activation code or your activation code does not work.
    If the server does not start due to an error:
    1. Check the joblog to determine the cause of the error.
    2. Correct the problem.
    3. Re-run the STRWWW command.
    4. If problems persist, please contact support.
Once the server is started, Web browsers can connect to the server and peruse the online publications and sample documents. The server can be stopped using the ENDWWW command.

Accessing the Server

Start a Web browser on the workstation. In the Web browser's current URL edit field enter the following URL:

http://server/ where, server is the fully qualified domain name of the AS/400. The server may be identified with an internet address (e.g., or a configured host name for the AS/400's internet address. See the person responsible for AS/400 TCP/IP configuration for the proper value.

Processing this URL will return the Web Server/400's home page. From the home page the online pubs can be viewed to learn more about the Web Server/400 product. When using the default configuration, Commerce Server/400 acts just like Web Server/400. The above instructions will allow you to view online content unsecurely. Further steps are required to make Commerce Server/400 serve pages securely.