Accessing Database Files

Database File Support

Database files are an integral part of the AS/400 that allow customers to store and retrieve their mission critical data. Database support is integrated into OS/400 through the DB2/400 feature. Web Server/400 provides support for returning Web content that is contained in AS/400 database files.

Source Physical Files
Source physical file members are normally used to store program source and file definitions. Source physical file members can also be used to store Web content that is in plain text form or marked up using HTML. Samples are provided to demonstrate retrieval of documents from source physical files.

Physical and Logical Files
Physical and logical files are used to store application/business data on the AS/400. Web Server/400 supports returning formatted data (including HTML) that is stored in keyed or non-keyed database files. The server also supports querying data that is stored in keyed files. Spooled files that have been copied into database files can also be returned. Samples are provided to demonstrate retrieval of data from database files.

Distributed Data Management Files
Web content can be returned from distributed data management (DDM) files that reference remote source physical files, physical database files or logical database files. Data is returned from the remote file as if the file was located on the local system. The type of remote file the DDM file points to determines the options that are available.