Ultimedia System Facilities

Web Server/400 supports Ultimedia System Facilities (USF), enabling the user to access multimedia objects stored within the USF multimedia repository.

USF is a client/server application which allows the user to capture multimedia objects and store them in a repository on the AS/400. This gives the web author a platform on which to create multimedia objects (video, audio, images, text files ...), manage the location of these objects and documents in one convenient location on the AS/400. Each USF multimedia object is given an object ID which can be used to uniquely identify that object. This 20 character object ID would then be passed within the USF URL to identify the multimedia object.

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Note: The USF object's multimedia repository path attribute is used to resolve the content type and location of the data used for the request. The Web Server/400 product supports all content types being retrieved from within the USF repository.

Please refer to the USF publications provided with the OS/400 operating system for further details about USF and its multimedia repository.