USF URL-Path Format

A URL-path is considered to be a USF URL-path if it begins with an alias that indicates it is a USF Object. USF URL-paths are always followed by the Object ID of an object in USF's multimedia repository.

If the object referred to is not a multimedia object (e.g., the object is a container or a device), then an error is returned to the browser. Also, if USF isn't installed on the AS/400 running Web Server/400, an error is returned to the browser.

USF URL-Path Examples

For this example, assume that /Multimedia/ is an alias that has a Source Type of *USFOBJ. If a URL-path of /Multimedia/HGSJ748362HGZK485763 is requested, the USF object with the Object ID HGSJ748362HGZK485763 would be found in the repository and the multimedia data associated with it would be returned to the browser. This might be an image, an audio, or an HTML file. Its content type is determined by the extension of the file in the multimedia repository.