Spooled File URL-Paths

Spooled File URL-Path Format

A URL-path is considered to be a Spooled File URL-path if it begins with an alias that has a Source Type of *SPLF. Spooled File URL-paths are followed by information that uniquely identifies the spooled file that is requested. This includes all or some of the following: Job Name, User Profile, Job Number, and Spooled File Name.

In addition, the Spooled File Name can have a valid content type as an extension. If it does, the content type extension is not considered part of the Spooled File Name. A valid content type will be used to set the content type of the result of the request.

Spooled Files can contain HTML markup. If these files have hyperlinks to other documents, the references can still be relative to the current URL. For example, assume that /SPLF/ is setup as a spooled file alias and the URL-path /splf/job/george/123456/report has a hyperlink of ../654321/report2. If the first URL-path is requested and the user selects the hyperlink that it contains, the browser will request /splf/job/george/654321/report2.