QDLS URL-Path Format

A URL-path is considered a QDLS URL-path if QDLS is the Default Source Type or if the URL-path begins with an alias that has a Source Type of QDLS. URL-paths in QDLS are treated by Web Server/400 in nearly the same way as IFS treats them. There are two main differences:

Document Root QDLS

All QDLS URL-paths are relative to the directory specified by the Document Root QDLS configuration value.

Conversion to 8.3 Format

The QDLS file system supports files with one to eight characters in the main portion of the name, optionally followed by a period and up to three additional characters. Many of the content types that are common for Web documents have names that are longer than three characters, and it is common to have names that are longer than eight characters. Web Server/400 will convert a filename that is in QDLS to fit the 8.3 naming convention by truncating each portion to its maximum length. This conversion is not performed on the subdirectory names leading up to the file name.

QDLS URL-Path Examples

For these examples, assume that /SharedFolders/ is aliased to / in QDLS and Document Root QDLS is set to /qdls/WebDocs/. With this setup, each of the following requests would be handled as described.

A URL-path of /SharedFolders/products/inventory.html
The Web server would return the file /qdls/WebDocs/products/inventor.htm to the browser. Notice that the y in inventory and the l in html were dropped to convert the name to 8.3 format.

A URL-path of /SharedFolders/Incorporated/news.txt
This URL-path would not be found since the subdirectory Incorporated is too long for a QDLS directory name and Web Server/400 does not do conversions on directory names.