Time Format Special Characters

Below are the special characters that can be used to create a custom date and time string. These characters are replaced with their date or time element. Other characters in the format string are copied verbatim. The resulting time stamp cannot be longer than 255 characters.
    Symbol   Date or Time Element
    ------   ------------------------------------------------
      %a     Abbreviated weekday name
      %A     Full weekday name
      %b     Abbreviated month name
      %B     Full month name
      %c     Date and time representation
      %d     Day of the month (01-31)
      %H     Hour in 24-hour clock (00-23)
      %I     Hour in 12-hour clock (01-12)
      %j     Day of the year (001-366)
      %m     Month (01-12)
      %M     Minute (00-59)
      %p     AM or PM
      %S     Second (00-61)
      %U     Week number of year (begins with Sunday) (00-53)
      %w     Weekday (0-6) where Sunday is 0
      %W     Week number of year (begins with Monday) (00-53)
      %x     Date representation
      %X     Time representation
      %y     Year without the century (00-99)
      %Y     Tear
      %Z     Name of time zone
      %%     A percent character ("%")